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Air Fittings, Air Couplers, Air Guages
Air Fittings, Air Couplers, Air Guages

Air Fittings : Air Guages, Air Chucks, Air Couplers & Nipples

  Item # Description Size  BoxQty Price Cart    Picture
815Brass Air Chuck1.25" 3.00
504Brass ClipOn Chuck w Barbs1/4" 6.00
504FBrass ClipOn Chuck Threaded  8.00
DiscntndLockOn Chuck, Opn or Clsd     
6568CIn/Out TiltLock Air Chuck7" 10.00
s927In/Out "Milton" Air Chuck7" 12.00
Brass Air Chuck, Clip On Air Chuck, In and Out Air Chuck

Air Guages

17-911C HighPrsr Air Guage, Pckt20-120psi 4.00
927MIn/Out Air Guage, Angled20-120psi 7.00
17-1045In/Out StrghtOn Air Guage10-150psi 10.00
986MIn/Out "Milton" Air Guage,     10-150psi15" 16.95
240G   In/Out Air Guage, Angled         20-120psi15" 12.00
907Lever Type Air BlowGun5" 7.95
S115In Line Air Blower5" 3.00
Tire Air Guages
Air Blowers

Air Couplers

727Steel Male Nipple1/4" 1.50
728Steel Female Nipple1/4" 1.50
M715Brass Air Coupler, "Milton M-Style"  4.50
777Steel Male Nipple1/4" 1.50
778Steel Female Nipple1/4" 1.50
A775Steel Air Coupler, "Milton A-Style"  5.50
1817Brass Male Nipple1/2" 3.95
1818Brass Female Nipple1/2" 3.95
G1815 1/2" Brass Air Coupler, "Milton"1/2" 12.00
G1816"Milton G style Coupler", 1/2" Brass w Male End 1/2" 12.00
1809Brass Male Nipple3/8" 2.90
1808Brass Female Nipple3/8" 2.90
P18053/8" Brass Air Coupler, "Milton"  9.95
1839Steel Male Nipple3/8" 2.90
1838Steel Female Nipple3/8" 2.90
H18333/8" Steel Air Coupler, "Milton"  10.00
Milton Brass Air Coupler, Steel Couplers
Milton 1/2 Brass Air Coupler
Milton Brass Air Coupler
Milton 3/8 Brass Air Coupler,
Steel Air Couplers

Brass Ends & Splices

6423/8 HoseBarb, Brass Splice  2.00
6023/8 HsBrb,Male Brass End  2.00
 1/4 Hose Barb,Male Brass End  1.50

Milton Inflator Air Guage & Air Hose

506Milton Inflator Air Guage20-120psi 34.95
 TireMachn AirHose w LockOn Clamp48" 18.95
DiscntndCRP Rubber Air Hose50'   
DiscntndCRP Rubber Air Hose25'   
Tire Machine Air Hose w LockOn Clamp, Milton Inflator AirGuage
   Notes:   Prices subject to change without reguard to any time factor.