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Tire Repair Tools, Truck Tire Repair Tools, Tire Shop Supplies
 Tire Repair Tools, Truck Tire Repair Tools, Tire Shop Supplies

Tire Repair Tools, Truck Tire Repair Tools & Tire Shop Supplies

  Item # Description Size  BoxQty Price Cart    Picture
 Flip Socket, Metric 19/21 ThinWall 12.00
 Flip Socket, Metric 19/21 HvyDty 12.00
 1/2 Dr - 3" Extension  11.00
14-830Wheel Lock Remover Kit  85.00
Flip Sockets, Wheel Lock Remover Kit

Tire Repair Insert Tools

SSTAAuto Tire Insert Tool  12.00
SSPST - Probe  12.00
SSTTTruck Tire Insert Tool  14.00
SSPTTruck Tire T - Probe  14.00
SSNAInsert Needle5 1/2" 4.00
SSPNSpiral Needle5 1/2" 5.00
SSNTTruck Tire Insert Needle7 1/2" 6.00
SSPNTTruck Spiral Needle7 1/2" 8.00
Tire Plug Tools

Tire Repair Tools

 Chalk, Paint Stiks 12/bx16.00
 Core Remover, Dbl Ended  3.00
 Stitcher  8.00
 Schwab  3.00
 Valve Stem Puller  7.95
 2 7/8" Round Brush2 7/8" 3.00
 Cone Brush w 1/4" arbor3 1/4" 5.95
 Cone Brush w 1/4" arbor2 1/2" 3.00
 Diagonal Cutter7" 7.00
DiscntndGrinding Stone    

Fiberglass Hand Brush

14" 4.00
Tire Repair Tools, Stitcher, Valve Puller, Hand Brush, Paint Stiks

Tire Machine Replacement Parts

 Tire Changer Mount / Demount Head, Duckhead - Colts Tire Machines  24.00
 Tire Changer Mount / Demount Head, Duckhead - Hunter Tire Machines  24.00
 Tire Changer Combo Tool18" 69.00
506Milton Inflator Air Guage20-120psi 34.95
 Tire Machine Air Hose w LockOn Clamp48" 18.95
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Tools
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Tools
Swing Bar, Truck Tire Tools
Milton 506 Inflator Guage
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Tools

Air Chucks, Air Guages, Air Fittings

s927In/Out "Milton" Chuck7" 13.00
986MIn/Out "Milton" Air Guage,     10-150psi15" 22.95
1817Brass Male Nipple1/2" 3.95
1818Brass Female Nipple1/2" 3.95
G1815"Milton G style Coupler", 1/2" Brass 1/2" 12.00
G1816 "Milton G style Coupler", 1/2" Brass w Male End1/2" 12.00
Milton InOut Air Guages
Milton InOut Air Guages
Milton Brass Air Coupler
Milton Brass Air Coupler

"Kentool" Tire Hammers

31568Tire Hammer by Kentool18" 98.00
T68Wheel Cover Rem/Inst14" 27.95
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Hammers

"Kentool" Tire Wedges, Bead Breaker Hammers && Handles

T11D/35327Wood Handled Tire Wedges17" 65.00
T11E/35329Wood Handled Tire Wedges30" 89.00
TG11D/35427Fiberglass Hndl Tire Wedges18" 95.00
TG11E/35429Fiberglass Hndl Tire Wedges32" 112.00
W17Hickory Wood Handle17" 18.00
W30Hickory Wood Handle30" 28.00
TG11DHFiberglass Handle18" 22.00
TG11EHFiberglass Handle32" 39.00
Truck Tire Bead Breakers, Tire Wedges

"Kentool" Truck Tire Irons & Tire Spoons

T45AStd 37" Mnt/Dmnt Tire Iron37" 65.00
T45AHDHD 41" Mnt/Dmnt Tire Iron41" 75.00
T19Tire Spoon Straight24" 29.00
T19A/33219Tire Spoon Straight30" 32.00
T21F/34121Tire Spoon Curved24" 29.00
T20A/33220Tire Spoon Curved30" 32.00
T21R/32121Tire Spoon Bent18" 29.00
67401Truck Lock Ring Remover24" 18.00
93230Gen Purpose Tire Iron24" 10.00
Truck Tire Irons, Mount / Demount Tools
Tire Removal Spoons, Tire Repair Spoons, Tire Spoons
Tire Lock Ring Remover

Tire Spreaders, Test Tanks && Schwab Buckets

14-988Manual Truck Tire Spreader  69.95
 Auto Tire SpreaderAdjusts to 16 in 45.00
14-955Tire Test Tank, Fiberglass3'x15"x18" 48.95
17-996Schwab Bucket, Bttm Mount  12.00
17-997Schwab Bucket, Side Mount  12.00
Manual Truck Tire Spreader
Schwab Buckets, Tire Test Tanks, Tire Spreaders
   Notes:   Prices subject to change without reguard to any time factor.