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Tire Repair Tools, Truck Tire Repair Tools, Tire Shop Supplies
 Tire Repair Tools, Truck Tire Repair Tools, Tire Shop Supplies

Tire Repair Tools, Truck Tire Repair Tools & Tire Shop Supplies

  Item # Description Size  BoxQty Price Cart    Picture
 Flip Socket, Metric 19/21 ThinWall 12.00
 Flip Socket, Metric 19/21 HvyDty 12.00
 1/2 Dr - 3" Extension  11.00
14-830Wheel Lock Remover Kit  85.00
Flip Sockets, Wheel Lock Remover Kit

Tire Repair Insert Tools

SSTAAuto Tire Insert Tool  12.00
SSPST - Probe  12.00
SSTTTruck Tire Insert Tool  14.00
SSPTTruck Tire T - Probe  14.00
SSNAInsert Needle5 1/2" 4.00
SSPNSpiral Needle5 1/2" 5.00
SSNTTruck Tire Insert Needle7 1/2" 6.00
SSPNTTruck Spiral Needle7 1/2" 8.00
Tire Plug Tools

Tire Repair Tools

 Chalk, Paint Stiks 12/bx14.00
 Core Remover, Dbl Ended  3.00
 Stitcher  8.95
 Schwab  3.00
 Valve Stem Puller  9.95
 2 7/8" Round Brush2 7/8" 3.00
 Cone Brush w 1/4" arbor3 1/4" 5.95
 Cone Brush w 1/4" arbor2 1/2" 3.00
 Diagonal Cutter7" 7.00
DiscntndGrinding Stone    

Fiberglass Hand Brush

14" 4.00
Tire Repair Tools, Stitcher, Valve Puller, Hand Brush, Paint Stiks

Tire Machine Replacement Parts

 Tire Changer Mount / Demount Head, Duckhead  24.00
 Tire Changer Combo Tool18" 69.00
 Tire Machine Air Hose w LockOn Clamp48" 18.95
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Hammers
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Hammers
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Hammers

Air Chucks, Air Guages, Air Fittings

6568CIn/Out TiltLock Chuck7" 12.00
s927In/Out "Milton" Chuck7" 16.00
986MIn/Out "Milton" Air Guage,     10-150psi15" 19.95
240G   In/Out Guage, Angled         20-120psi15" 18.00
1817Brass Male Nipple1/2" 3.95
1818Brass Female Nipple1/2" 3.95
G1815 1/2" Brass Coupler, "Milton"1/2" 14.60
Milton Air Chucks
Milton InOut Air Guages
Milton Brass Air Coupler

"Kentool" Tire Hammers

31568Tire Hammers18" 98.00
T68Wheel Cover Rem/Inst14" 27.95
Tire Hammers, Truck Tire Hammers

"Kentool" Tire Wedges, Bead Breaker Hammers && Handles

T11D/35327Wood Handled Tire Wedges17" 65.00
T11E/35329Wood Handled Tire Wedges30" 89.00
TG11D/35427Fiberglass Hndl Tire Wedges18" 95.00
TG11E/35429Fiberglass Hndl Tire Wedges32" 112.00
W17Hickory Wood Handle17" 18.00
W30Hickory Wood Handle30" 28.00
TG11DHFiberglass Handle18" 22.00
TG11EHFiberglass Handle32" 39.00
Truck Tire Bead Breakers, Tire Wedges

"Kentool" Truck Tire Irons & Tire Spoons

T45AStd 37" Mnt/Dmnt Tire Iron37" 65.00
T45AHDHD 41" Mnt/Dmnt Tire Iron41" 75.00
T19Tire Spoon Straight24" 29.00
T19A/33219Tire Spoon Straight30" 32.00
T21F/34121Tire Spoon Curved24" 29.00
T20A/33220Tire Spoon Curved30" 32.00
T21R/32121Tire Spoon Bent18" 29.00
67401Truck Lock Ring Remover24" 18.00
93230Gen Purpose Tire Iron24" 10.00
Truck Tire Irons, Mount / Demount Tools
Tire Removal Spoons, Tire Repair Spoons, Tire Spoons
Tire Lock Ring Remover

Tire Spreaders, Test Tanks && Schwab Buckets

14-988Manual Truck Tire Spreader  69.95
 Auto Tire SpreaderAdjusts to 16 in 45.00
14-955Tire Test Tank, Fiberglass3'x15"x18" 48.95
17-996Schwab Bucket, Bttm Mount  12.00
17-997Schwab Bucket, Side Mount  12.00
Manual Truck Tire Spreader
Schwab Buckets, Tire Test Tanks, Tire Spreaders
   Notes:   Prices subject to change without reguard to any time factor.