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Valve Stems, Truck Valve Stems
Valve Stems, Truck Valve Stems

Valve Stems, Truck Tire Valve Stems, Valve Cores & Valve Caps

  Item # Description Size  BoxQty Price Cart    Picture
TR413TR413 Tire Valve Stems1.25"50/bg14.00
TR414TR414 Tire Valve Stems1.5"50/bg17.00
TR418TR418 Tire Valve Stems2"50/bg18.00
TR423TR423 Tire Valve Stems2.5"50/bg20.00
600HPHigh Presure Valve Stems1.27"50/bg28.00
602HPHigh Presure Valve Stems2"25/bx16.00
TPMSTPMS Sensor Valve Stems1.5"25/bx32.00
Tire Valve Stems, Snapin Tire Valve Stems

Nickel Plated Brass, Truck Tire Valve Stems

TR416TR416 Truck Valve Stems1.44" 1.50
TR416LTR416L Truck Valve Stems2" 2.00

Truck Tire Valve Stems, Brass

TR500TR500 Truck Valve Stems2" 1.30
TR500-23TR500-23 Truck Valve Stems1.38" x 23' 1.60
TR501TR501 Truck Valve Stems1.5" 1.30
TR501-OvTR501-Oval Valve Stems1.5" 1.70
TR570TR570 Truck Valve Stems3.13" 1.50
TR571TR571 Truck Valve Stems3.38" 1.50
TR572TR572 Truck Valve Stems3.75" 2.20
TR573TR573 Truck Valve Stems4.38" 2.20
TR574TR574 Truck Valve Stems5.00" 2.20
TR575TR575 Truck Valve Stems1.13" 1.50
Brass, Truck Tire Valve Stems

Truck Tire Valve Stems, Nickel Plated

TR542TR542 Truck Valve Stems1.26" 1.90
TR543TR543 Truck Valve Stems2.31" 1.90
TR543CTR543C w 45' Bend0.93 x 1.38" 1.90
TR543DTR543D w 60' Bend0.98 x 1.38" 1.90
TR543ETR543E w 75' Bend0.98 x 1.38" 1.90
TR544TR544 Truck Valve Stems2.86" 1.90
TR544CTR544C w 45' Bend0.98 x 1.94" 1.90
TR544DTR544D w 60' Bend0.98 x 1.94" 1.90
TR545TR545 Truck Valve Stems3.5" 1.90
TR545DTR545D w 60' Bend0.98 x 2.60" 1.90
TR546TR546 Truck Valve Stems4.27" 1.90
TR546-36TR546-36 w 36' Bend0.98 x 3.35" 1.90
TR546DTR546D w 60' Bend0.98 x 3.35" 1.90
TR509TR509 w 90' Bend0.45 x 4.75" 2.50

Nickel Plated, Truck Valve Stems

Water Rim Valve Stems (Agricultural)

TRJ618AWater Rim Valve Stems1.44" 2.95
TRJ623AWater Rim Valve Stems2" 2.95
CH3Core Housing for 618A/623A1.44" 1.30
TRJ650Water Rim Valve Stems2" 2.95
TRJ67060' Water Rim Valve Stems1.44 x 2" 3.95
CH1Core Housing 650/6702" 1.50
TRSP2Water Rim Base 650/6701.44" 1.30
TRJ650-02Water Rim Valve w/o Base2" 1.50
TRJ670-02Water Rim Valve w/o Base2" 1.50
TRVC6Valve Caps for 650/670, 20/bx2" 7.00
Water Rim Valve Stems
Water Rim Valve Stems

Valve Cores & Valve Caps

490Short Valve Cores 100/bx12.00
490LLong Valve Cores 100/bx16.00
493BWaterRim Valve Core  0.65 each
492Plastic Valve Caps 100/bx3.00
493PChrome Valve Caps 100/bx12.00
491DChrome Valve Caps 100/bx12.00
491TChrome Valve Caps 100/bx12.00
Tire Valve Cores, Long Tire Valve Cores, WaterRim Valve Core
Valve Caps
   Notes:   Prices subject to change without reguard to any time factor.